maximising space to save money

What could you do with £275,000 savings per year?
Community Solutions Partnership Services have developed a service to enable you to gain maximum benefit to the space you occupy. Utilising our service will enable you to:
• better understand the most effective way to manage your own environment
• reduce costs for under occupation
• increase revenue with maximised utilisation
• make Informed choices about utilisation and rationalisation

We utilise a non-intrusive, technological solution to provide accurate data either by individual room or desk monitoring. We use an OccupEye® workspace utilisation system which enables us to regularly collect data over an agreed period of time, usually 2 weeks, although we have had commissions for much longer. Individual data is remotely collected from small Wi-Fi monitors that we install in each room or under desks. Following final collection we provide you with a bespoke analytical report, intelligently interpreting this and make
recommendations to inform your choices to effectively use your buildings.

National Public Sector information and our experience suggests that utilisation can be as low as 35%. National research also suggests that a 10% improvement in usage can be worth £575pa per desk. A recent estates survey that we have undertaken recommended the relocation of services to maximise usage to enable an increase in occupation from 34% to a potential of 80%,


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